GSRC 2021 10 x 10 Challenge Registration

Race entry instructions

  1. All payments will be made into the GSRC club account to conclude entry
  2. Successful entries will receive an immediate entry acknowledgment email
  3. Participants should be 18 years or older on the first day of the challenge
  4. For regular updates ‘Like’ our Gaborone Striders Runners Club page on Facebook
  5. Challenge pack collection venue(s) and instructions will be communicated on the final verification email
  6. Register for the GSRC 2021 10 x 10 Challenge using the form below.

Please note that we have unfortunately reached our target registration for the 2021 10 X 10 For 10 Challenge participation. We thank all who have come on board in numbers to embrace this year's challenge that brought a few 'twists!' We are delighted to say this year we saw a record participation as per the registrations. This goes to show how the 10 X 10 Challenge brand has grown over the years. We look for further growth in the years to come. Thank you!!! Let's Stride Together!!! Our Strides, Our Stories!!!


Bank account details:

Gaborone Striders Runners Club

FNB Cheque Account: 62520336597

Kgale View Branch

Branch Code: 284567

Reference: FULL NAME – 10x10

Submit proof of payment to

The causes


Gaborone City Cleanup

Mental Health Awareness


are still open to subscribe!