1. The challenge is a 10 day running challenge run within the period 28 November to 7 December 2019.
  2. The challenge can be run from any location but is monitored by a single platform. Details on the technology (monitoring app) will be communicated with entrants.
  3. All participants will be expected to create an account on the chosen technology (monitoring app)
  4. All runs should be GPS tracked (for clarity this means that no one can add a manual run and have it count as part of 10/10).
  5. All participants will start the race on the same date.
  6. All participants are encouraged to attend the grand finale even if they did not complete all 10/10 runs, however medals will only be issued to those who successfully complete all 10 runs.
  7. The venue of the grand finale will be communicated in due course. Participants are encouraged to run in the Challenge shirts.
  8. The daily minimum 10km run must be covered in one single run/walk and shall not count if submitted in split in parts (e.g. 5km in the morning and 5km in the evening).
  9. Non submissions (synchronisation to the app) of a run shall result in instant disqualification. Deadline for submission of results each day is 23:59:59hrs.
  10. No substitute runners are allowed.
  11. Strict adherence to the challenge rules and instructions is expected from all participants
  12. The challenge is open to members of Gaborone Striders and those of the public and entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.
  13. Prior to the start of the challenge themed activation runs will be organised and conducted in Gaborone covering essential topics in running the challenge successfully and most importantly setting up the technology.
  14. No treadmill runs will be accepted

Sponsors on Board

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