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You too can run Comrades

The Comrades Marathon 2018 registrations have seen 35 Gaborone Striders members submit their entries with the hope to line up at the startline in Pietermaritzburg in June 10, 2018. Our organisation to date has seen over 30 members participate in Comrades Marathon either once, twice, five times or even ten times. Year on year a new crop is motivated to embark on this 90km journey that sees runners run to either Pietermaritzburg or Durban. The organisations is thus placing priority in ensuring that we communicate to our members that 1)Comrades Marathon is a race that GSRC members can aspire to finish; 2) everyone can run a comrades marathon provided they put in the requisite training and 3) we will encourage and Support members in making the Comrades decision. That being our overall driver, we wish to communicate how we will move to formalise the support we will afford members in the realisation of what may otherwise appear as an unattainable goal.

Again, we should remember that Comrades Marathon is a race that many GSRC members can aspire to finish. This being said here is how we can support you to get across the finish line;

  1. Collective Wisdom: We have a pool of 33 members who have stood at the comrades finish line over the past 10yrs; that makes for many years of collective wisdom and experiences on comrades.
  2. Introduction to Comrades marathon: We will provide information on the history of the great race, its objectives and a close to reality picture from the day to day people you interact with who have been a part of this race.

How? A Comrades introductory seminar will be hosted to take delegates through the journey Comrades for ordinary people. Keep an eye on our website for updates.

  1. Targeted approach: We have segmented our approach in different target groups; thus the aim to assist the target groups that has;
    1. Never experienced comrades and has always thought it an unattainable goal
    2. Stood at the finish line but failed to complete the course
    3. Experienced comrades and wishes to improve either their targets or overall experience
    4. No wishes to run comrades in 2018 but wishes to embark on the journey as a support member
  2. Registration timeline: Registrations for Comrades 2018 are currently closed. Don’t miss 2019 entries boat. The substitution period is also another possibility to find an entry but this means committing to the training with the hope of securing a substitution.
  3. Training Programs and monthly check-ins: We will share 5 months programs that one can follow in the journey to attaining their Comrades medal.

[5 months program (Jan – May) focusing on a bronze medal; ~1200km in 5 months / ~130 hours training; 4-5 marathons / ultras included in the 1200km; and a Qualifying marathon before mid-April 2018].

The responsibility of the member is to set the appropriate goal, follow the prescribed plan and Stay injury free & disease free in first 5 months of the year.

The Objective of GSRC is to get all those wishing to run to be able to line up on Start line in June. The committee will schedule monthly briefing sessions (4 check-ins) where we will evaluate training progress and 1 x de-brief on Race preparation, race running tactics about 2 weeks before Comrades race. The programs are Available on [Note: Bronze and Vic Clapham programs will be availed; monthly check in schedule will be availed]

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of something amazing!

The road to comrades is a short but long one. In equipping members with the appropriate set of skills we will bring you a self-management/personal mastery session to help you understand your default response to change as per the SCARF model. This will help you better prepare for the big change that is the Comrades. In addition, to enhance and optimise your training, you will be able to participate in a very short exercise to explore and refine your personal values. Bonang Kwape, an Industrial Psychologist, will take us through the session and the exercise where we will realise the value of how judgement can help or hinder our goals and the importance of being self-aware in order to optimally self-manage. The key message is being able to see how we value different things and that there is no wrong or right but rather growth and ultimately self-actualization in accepting and celebrating those differences to aid our own goals without denigrating those of others.

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