Following late on the conversation about running together at marathons....Sadly we don't have the numbers that match most clubs in SA to run in packs, but I must say though, I noticed a lot of us continue to work together in these marathons. Small clutters but the team work is certainly there.

I was at the start line with Stefan and Alison. Last year I ran 32kms with Stefan at an even pace of 6'10. We quickly chatted about race plan and he asked of my target and I told him somewhere between 4:50 and 5:10. As he had been on injury he committed to trying for 5:10 and said he would follow me.

I started out on a gruesome 4km with Ali who was on a quest to her first ultra and also happened to be in Africa. Alison meandered through the crowd as I trailed behind. Sho! The girl runs?

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