The GSRC Independence Ultra 55 Rules

1. Race entry Terms and Conditions 

  • By entering the race you are agreeing to abide by the race terms, rules and regulations.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that you have undertaken any necessary preparation and training to enter and participate in the race.
  • Participation is at your own risk. Neither the organisers nor the sponsors are liable for your health and fitness as well as the associated risk to participating in the race.
  • Entries to races are non-transferable. Participation in the race is personal to you; you are strictly prohibited from swapping, selling or transferring or offering to sell, swap or transfer your place in the race.
  • To enter the race you must be 18 years of age or older on the date of the race.
  • Race entry closure is determined and announced when race participation reaches the stated capacity or a pre-set date. This will be stated on the Web Site entry page of the race.

2. Race entry fees and cancellation

  • You must pay the race entry fee at the time of entering the race. 
  • All race entry fees are non-refundable, and cannot be deferred towards a future race, nor can an entry be transferred from one race to another.
  • Your entry is completed as soon as you have completed the race entry process including payment.

3. Race completion

  • You will be treated as having completed the race if you submit the required evidence of your completion of the race to us by the date specified on the race entry page of the Web Site.
  • Each participant who provides the required evidence of completion in accordance with clause 3.1 will receive their medal.
  • A location and date for medal collection will be communicated.
  • The deadline for completing each race and the submission of evidence in accordance with clause 3.1 is fixed and cannot be varied. If we do not receive your evidence by the date specified, you will not receive a medal and will not be included in the results section of our Web Site.