EVENT DATES: 28/11/2019 – 07/12/2019

Terms and Conditions:

I, the undersigned, with my details provided on the 10x10 Challenge application form agree to the following terms & conditions that apply to my participation in the 10X10 Challenge:

  1. I am aware of the potential dangers of participating in the 10x10 Challenge, including serious injury and/or death.
  2. I agree and acknowledge that I should not participate unless I am medically fit and able to do so. I agree to abide by any instructions given by 10x10 Challenge marshals and/or GSRC personnel with regard to my continued participation should they cite my safety as an immediate concern.
  3. I agree and undertake to follow all safety rules, regulation & procedures in relation to my participation in the 10X10 Challenge.
  4. I hereby indemnify the GSRC, its trustees, employees, servants, agents or volunteers, and all persons associated with the 10X10 Challenge, against any and all claims of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising, and whether in respect any harm, injury, liability, death, loss or damage of any kind suffered, and whether such claims arise out of any act or omission and/or the negligence of any of the persons aforesaid.
  5. I authorise the use by the GSRC, their sponsors and/or representatives, of any photographs, motion picture recordings or any other of the 10x10 Challenge for any legitimate purpose.
  6. I declare that I am 18 years old or above, or, that I have sought obtained my parent’s/guardian’s consent for my participation in the 10x10 Challenge.
  7. This indemnity is binding on my heirs and assigns.

8. In the event that any participation is a minor, the person signing this indemnity on behalf of such minor warrants his/her authority to sign this indemnity on behalf of the said minor.