The long run weekend is fast approaching and there is plenty of excitement at GSRC.


The Club 60 is Gaborone Striders longest Club run which is organised to run from Gaborone (Molapo Crossing) to Kopong/Lentsweletau hills. The run was conceptualised in 2011 as a training run for 3 founding members who would later embark on a journey to run Comrades. The run is placed at least 4 weeks before Comrades each year and is the last longest run the club members embark on before the big event.


The camaraderie that the Club 60km has cultivated in the club is evident. The GSRC members not participating in Comrades ultra marathon support the event either through running or cheering their peers which has been central to the growth and success of the event. As a result, this has seen us incorporate other distances to allow our members aspiring to challenge themselves to be a part of the run.


As the run grows, the club also continues to improve the runner’s experience!


This year, the Club 60km Run has a new twist as we managed to bring on board Sponsors who like us are committed to promote, educate and encourage healthier lifestyle choices for workplace, social and environmental well-being.


The run is free for all - members and non members!  |  Look the look by buying yourself the event t-shirt for P80

Club 60 Run (New update - 2 May 2019)

Race number collection and post race braai: see details above | Bring an Identity doc (Omang or Passport) to collect

If Collecting on behalf of another participant, bring; signed letter authorizing you to collect on their behalf and a copy of their identity document.

Any questions? Send them to


Registration closed

Information in Brief

Saturday:  Club longest run
Date: Sat 04 May 2019
Distances: 21km, 30km, 42km and 60km
Time: 04:30hrs (arrival by 0400hrs for logistics and tog back check in)
Venue: The run will start by  Molapo Crossing and end Kopong Hills

Cost: The run is free for ALL who have registered

Running Shirt: P80 (Payment details below)

Deadline for Entries: 25th April 2019


Payment Details for running shirts:


Deposit and email proof of payments to:


Account Details:

Gaborone Striders Runners Club:

FNB Botswana

Cheque Acc: 62520336597

Branch: Kgale View

Branch Code 284567

Reference: Name + No_60 and send proof to

The Route

The run is approximately 60km, From Molapo crossing traffic lights to the Kopong hills via Metsimotlhabe which is broken down this way:

  • From the Molapo Crossing start to Metsimotlhabe/Kopong turn off is 14.2km
  • Then Metsimotlhabe/Kopong turn off to Kopong (1st right turn into Kopong) is11.3km
  • Followed by Kopong to the Hills (Our Parking for BK Style) is 15km
  • BK Style parking to the sign board “Lentsweletau 10km” is 4km (return)
  • And lastly do 1 lap BK style which is 15km


The route will be marked appropriately to ensure all runners arrive to the finish line.


All runners are starting promptly at 0430hrs, Gaborone - Molapo Crossing

(Arrive at 0400hrs for logistics and tog bag check ins)

  • 60km: Runners will start at Molapo, repeat 7,82km from 42km and finish at the Kopong hills
  • 42km: Planning to have a go at your first marathon? You will run on the route up to the last hill (where we park for BK Style, signage will be provided) giving you 40.5km. Then continue a kilometre towards Lentsweletau then back to parking to finish.
  • 30km: From Molapo up to an additional 5km from Kopong turn off continuing straight towards the hills.
  • 21km: From Molapo crossing to Kopong (First turn into Kopong by Filling station)


NEW! Download the Complete Information Booklet here


Important Information

  1. Starting Point (s)
  • Starting point for all runners: Molapo Crossing just close to the Football courts. Start time 0430hrs.
  1. Catering
  • We will provide mobile catering services with many stops (every 5km) to make your run as comfortable as possible.
  • Catering will comprise; Water, BOS Sport drinks, sweets, nutrition (bananas, oranges and potatoes etc) and so on.
  • There will be a braai at the finish line of which you are required to be there to meet and greet fellow striders. The braai is FREE for all. Bring your own celebratory drinks and these you can put in the support car at the startline.
  1. Transport
  • We will have support cars manning the route and will transport those doing the shorter distances back to base to help with transportation.
  • For those starting in Kopong we will urge you to assist with providing transport on the way back.
  • Once we have confirmed the numbers, we will advise on further transport arrangements.
  1. Safety
  • MRI will provide emergency support vehicle to respond to injuries that may occur during the run.
  • Mogoditshane Police will offer a Police escort from the start and since it will be dark, we encourage runners to stay behind the police vehicle and run "harambe" style until it is lit and safe to turn on the speed (this is usually by the Kopong turnoff)
  • The run starts when it is still dark, wear some reflective colours or reflective vests. 
  • Bring along a headlamp 
  • Where we reach sections that are dark we will switch to running on the left shoulder of the road followed by the support car which will provide the lighting.

5. Pacing

  • The formation is Harambe (run together as a group) from Molapo to the Metsimotlhabe turn to Kopong or until there is sufficient light.
  • The advisable pace will range from 7min per km to 7min 30s per km for the first 20km; We advise that for the first 20km we stick together more especially that it will be dark.
  1. Getting ready for the event:
  • Email updates will be shared once registration is closed as we approach the event date. 

Sponsors on Board